Microsoft Teams & Business Voice

Microsoft Teams has become widely adopted by businesses, Teams has, during the pandemic become the hub. It is an enabling technology that has allowed businesses to grasp the opportunities that the Hybrid Workplace offers.

Workplace, Home Office, Virtual Office and on the move.

The Internet generation have grown up with social media, they instinctively grasp the way Chat allows them to collaborate on projects and discuss issues in a free flowing natural environment. Chat can be Private or Open, you choose.

Teams Collaboration

Move from the chat environment seamlessly to Audio or Video Calling by the click of a button, create a meetings and share your screens with ease.

Your Team members can access shared documentation securely, efficiently with ease, share and collaborate.

Integrated Business Voice into Teams

Giving Teams a voice

You don’t even need to leave the Teams environment to take and receive telephone calls, providing simple flexible call management wherever you are working today.

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