IT Support Services based in Haywards Heath 

We provide IT support services based in Haywards Heath to businesses & individuals through out West Sussex, Surrey and the South East.

Expect more, our new vision for managed IT services

During the decade plus we have been serving our clients, things have changed radically not least the move to the cloud and adoption of Microsoft 365 & Teams.

Our primary objective is to create secure, reliable and resilient environments for both our business & personal clients.

Tamite provide managed services, monitoring and managing vital metrics such as Backups, Security and Patch management.

Computer support is available on a pay as you go basis or as contracted service.

Now more than ever your IT services need to support the business in the Post Covid work environment where businesses have embraced Hybrid Working.

Contact us now and discuss your businesses IT needs and requirements.

We will create an IT strategy for your business to maintain and improve reliability, security and resilience. 


Our proven path

We have created a proven path developed with our clients designed to move your business to the next level.

The next decade will come will come with it’s own challenges, some will be compliance others will be technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) Big Data, Cloud Computing etc.. 

We have been actively working with our clients on their GDPR journey.

We can help you meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and provide a framework to keep you compliant.

Tamite IT Support in Haywards Heath our feet on the ground but increasingly our services in the Cloud.

Virtual Desktops & Servers

Increasingly the core of business IT is moving to the Cloud, Desktops, Servers and Applications, we will help you adopt the best platform for you.

To make the most of the opportunities and to keep the workforce and work place secure your people need to be empowered through training.

We provide both in-house and on-line training to our clients, in fact we think this is so important we include access to training materials and courses into our Managed Service offering.

Our Services

Support for PC’s, Laptops & Mobile Devices
Small Business Networks
Office 365 Support & Migration (Microsoft M365)
Cyber Security
Backups & Disaster Recovery
Desktop & Server Virtualisation
Microsoft Teams training & setup

Would You like a free audit – Book it now

We offer all prospective IT support clients a free IT audit with absolutely no obligation to proceed any further. 

Getting to know you and your business gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the levels of commitment and service that make us stand-out.

Once the audit is complete we will provide you with a detailed plan with full and transparent costings.

In fact we refer to it as an IT Strategy document, all great teams are based around, strategy, team work and hard work.

All contracts are on a rolling month to month basis so it’s easy to give us a try.

IT Support Haywards Heath

Case Studies – IT Support – Haywards Heath

GMA are a Sussex accountancy, like lots of companies in these times they have a high proportion of their workforce working from home.

GMA were keen to improve their IT as it was proving a drag on their progress as a business.

They were experiencing problems with speed and reliability, backups were proving problematic and it was felt a move to a virtualised environment would benefit the company.

In 2018 they retired their in-house file server and moved to a virtualised environment.

They have made real savings on support, reducing the cost to the business over-all.

Productivity has increased as the service they use has proved to be highly reliable.

During the pandemic when for a while everyone worked from home virtualisation really proved it’s worth as the business was able to carry on as normal.

Security has always been a high priority of the company, since the move to a virtual environment, security has been enhanced as they can now focus on monitoring and spend some of the IT budget savings on extra layers of security.