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Your Business has moved it’s data to Cloud Services and reaped the benefits.
Your business has seen the possibilities offered by adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) Office 365 and options such as Googles G Suite. Recent years have seen a rapid adoption of these services, reflecting the exceptional value they offer to business.

Moving to the Cloud allowed your business to radically simplify your internal IT infrastructure, experience near faultless (99%) up-time and escape the cycle of upgrading and replacing difficult to maintain servers and software.

It is well known that the safeguards built in to backup Office 365 and the other SaaS offerings fall short of the standards required to create a secure environment sufficient to meet the compliance and security needs of the modern Enterprise.

So Why do I need to backup Office 365 and my other cloud services?
It’s important to remember that SaaS platform providers, like Microsoft Office 365, take on the responsibility of application up-time and the underlying infrastructure. They do this extremely effectively but….

It is the customer’s responsibility to manage and protect their vital business data, by deploying your own Office 365 backup you can fill the gaps and short-comings.

Four Reasons to Backup your Cloud Services

  • By being able to fully archive entire redundant user accounts outside of the platform you can even achieve cost savings.
  • Having comprehensive backup simplifies the task of meeting your compliance obligations.
  • Provide easier access to and restoration of lost data, so your internal customers will love you.
  • Protect your precious data from internal threats such as accidental or malicious deletion of files and the growing threat posed by Ransomware.

The important point to recognise is that neither file versioning or archiving, both of which are available within Office 365 are sufficient in themselves.

Accidental & unintentional deletion is a problem the modern workforce is mobile and typically uses multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and Smart phones to store & sync data.

A minefield of gaps and confusion around Retention Policy: Office 365 retention policies are difficult to understand and manage.

The Insider Threat: Most businesses have at some point suffered at the hands of rogue or dis-enchanted employees, companies need to be aware of the possibility of threats from the inside.

Having a comprehensive recovery solution significantly reduces the risk of critical data being lost or destroyed.

External security threats: Malware and viruses have become increasingly adept at side-stepping defenses, Phishing and Social Engineering constantly attempt to dupe users into introducing a compromise. Your comprehensive backup will rapidly restore your data to an instance before the attack.

Legal and compliance requirements: Ensure you can retrieve mailbox data during legal action and to meet any regulatory compliance needs.
The cost of retaining deleted accounts within the services will be higher than restoring them from your backup when they are required.
With the rapid adoption of Software as a Service the proportion of companies reporting data loss from SaaS has grown in proportion.

The Aberdeen Group in their report entitled “SaaS Data Loss: The Problem You Didn’t Know You Had,” state that 32% of companies surveyed had lost data from within a SaaS application.

So data loss is not an uncommon problem, the reasons are the same as they have always been, malicious or accidental user actions, corruptions a worrying trend towards targeted Cyber attacks and of course Ransomware.

The message has to be as businesses rely on Cloud Services to store more critical data, you need to deploy the Datto SaaS to protect your investment by mitigating these risks.

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