Cyber Essentials, Sussex businesses making customer trust a priority

It seems like IT is central to almost everything we do these days, Cyber Essentials provides a framework to help you work safely in a networked world.

Cyber Essentials Sussex business

My apple watch tells me when to wake up, when to exercise, how much exercise, the time I should should start to prepare for bed.

Like a virtual mum it even occasionally admonishes me for not washing my hands for long enough.

This is all good advice, so maybe it’s even time to listen to Nanny State, the Government backed Cyber Essentials certification program is an excellent way of showing that your business has grasped the importance of running secure IT.

Did you know that companies who have Cyber Essentials Certification are around 90% less likely to experience data breaches and related issues.

We use Cyber Essentials basic concepts to create a framework for our customers IT services ensuring CE is part of their DNA has many benefits that can even include cheaper Cyber Insurance.

You can demonstrate your commitment to being a responsible partner for your customers & suppliers.

Want to know more


We are partnered with CyberSmart to provide our customers support in gaining Cyber Essentials Certification.

We make it as easy as possible to achieve certification by deploying smart software and offering real-time guidance on remediation.

Go beyond an annual snapshot for the first time with continuous monitoring and reports.

1. Platform Features
• Cloud-based platform with instant online access
• Endpoint scanning across all machines including checks for:

2. OS updates, Patches, Antivirus, Firewalls, User rights, Secure configs & more
• Integrated and guided Cyber Essentials questionnaire with live support
• Rapid digital issue of Cyber Essentials certification
• Continuous monitoring of devices with weekly security reports

3. Why use CyberSmart?
• Online platform, no need for manual lists and word docs
• Quick and easy, get accredited in 24 hours
• Guaranteed Cyber Essentials certification

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